Deepest Thoughts

real talk… 

its all about
expanding perception
raising our level of awareness
raising our level of consciousness
changing the way we live and love
love like it’s the only thing you know
at the end of the day
all this means nothing
this page
where you’re sitting
your degree
your job
your house
your car
all the money in the world
none of it matters
except love and human connection
relationships you have with people
who you love
and how deeply you love them
how you touch the lives of people around you
and how much you enriched their lives
family, friends, strangers,
quality of connection
connection is why we’re all here
it’s how we’re wired
it’s what gives purpose and meaning to our lives
in order for true connection to happen
we must let ourselves be seen
deeply seen
vulnerably seen
by ourselves
and others
to deeply explore our thoughts
vulnerability is the birthplace of joy, love, creativity, change, innovation, belonging
to create is to make something that has never existed before
there’s nothing more vulnerable than that
vulnerability is courage
vulnerability is not weakness, and that myth is PROFOUNDLY dangerous
vulnerability is essential to wholehearted living
telling the story of who you are with your whole heart
to love with our whole hearts
to put yourself out there first
to expose yourself first
the willingness to say “I love you” first
even though there is no guarantee
vulnerability is our most accurate measurement of courage
to let go who of who we think we should be
and be who we truly are
letting go of what other people think
letting go of perfectionism, while striving for excellence
or risk losing your own authenticity
this is a daily practice
this is essential for meaningful connections
for wholehearted living
perfectionism, the shield, we carry it around
thinking its going to protect us from being hurt
but it protects us from being seen
striving for a world that doesn’t exist.
to practice gratitude and joy in those hard moments in life
when life throws us curve balls
when life breaks us down
we all can handle it
its how we respond in these moments of discomfort
that will dictate the course of our lives
the thoughts we have
there is no growth in comfort.
discomfort, pain, is a prerequisite for growth
to trust with our hearts
trust is built on- boundaries, reliability, accountability, integrity, non judgement, generosity
there is no trust without vulnerability
because we are much better at helping
than asking for help
trust is like a marble jar
sharing those hard stories
and those hard moments in life
that are happening to you
throughout your life
with people who over time
you filled up their marble jar
they have done thing after thing
where you say to yourself, “I know I can trust this person”
trust is built in the smallest of moments
that we sometimes even don’t consciously realize
trust is choosing to make something important to you, vulnerable to the actions of someone else
the opportunity to build trust is also the opportunity to betray.
we cannot selectively numb emotion
we cannot numb grief, sadness, fear, shame, disappointment
without numbing joy, gratitude, happiness.
life is about daring greatly
about being in the arena.
seeing people for who and what they truly are
when they may or may not have much
or they’re just trying to figure it out
they’re in the space of figuring it out
people immediately think that because a person is “successful”
or a person is doing something so well, ‘important’
or they are always smiling
that they have it all figured out
I just believe in the idea and the fact that
we’re all not only going to pull through this
but pull through it together
pull through it stronger
like we’re gonna’ be stronger than
we’ve ever been before
so for me, the best is yet to come
for all of us, the best has yet to come
whether I have, or not
I am, who I say I am, wholeheartedly
being critically honest with myself
authentic with myself
it’s so powerful
it’s so extraordinary
just cause by being great human beings
being humble
being compassionate
by being great people
and just being the best version of yourself that you can be
im so lucky to be breathing
im so lucky to be healthy
im so privileged in this life
so I try and take care of myself
in every way i can
helping others
the way to finding ourselves
is to lose ourselves
in helping others
letting go of expectations
I got so much that I wanna do
so much I want to experience in this life
everybody wanna always tell you, “but do it this way”
and I get it, that’s one way of doing it
but you gotta’ keep the table of possibilities open
because anything can happen, you know what I mean?
Like, people always ask me like
“yo, why you always so self aware?”
“why you always so deep?”
“why you so determined?”
its cause im like…im used to taking the stairs
im used to starting at the bottom
…building my way up
step by step
I’m used to coming from that dark place
and working my way up
most of our unhealthy beliefs
about ourselves
and others
comes from uncomfortable feelings with ourselves
feeling sad, hurt, angry or scared.
these are all uncomfortable
so we go to great lengths to avoid that discomfort
we try to escape it
numb it
It just prolongs the pain
we must become one with our feelings
have our emotions moved to tears
crying is not a sign of weakness
its a sign of strength
the only way to get through uncomfortable emotions
is to deal with them, to go RIGHT THROUGH THEM
face them head on
you have to let yourself feel
and then move on
gaining confidence in our ability to deal with our discomfort
because even if you’re feeling discomfort
it means you are alive
its not about being in a rush
cause im not in a rush
im cool with taking the long way
im cool with taking the stairs
cause either way im gonna’ get there
one way or another
and im cool with the challenge, the difficulty
that life brings
im cool with the stairs
cause everything truly worth having
is gonna’ fight you back
be a challenge
how we respond is everything
I believe I can actually do it
that we all can do it
by any means necessary
imma keep growing
imma keep fucking GROWING
keep being in the arena
keep choosing courage over comfort
keep practicing my values
keep asking for help
keep being an amazing son, brother, uncle, friend, supporter, you know?
future father, future husband
amazing person/human-being.
every single person has a story
we all walk a different path
life is all about being in the arena
holding out hope that life can get better
because it can
and it will
being strong enough to swim out of the current
to get back to shore
instead of endlessly swimming against it
and drowning
every single person can teach you something new about something you know nothing about
every single person can teach you something new about yourself.
the only person you should compare yourself to
is the person you were yesterday
so I ask you to consider….
what holding you back?
whats making you feel uncomfortable?
whats 1 small step you could take today?
you just have to be open to it…..I am, are you?

that’s what I have to offer as a person……….

Kris 2-21-2018