Control Your Own Destiny

when you grow up
you tend to get told
by parents,
‘authority’ figures
that the world
is just the way that it is
and that your life
is to live your life
inside the world
try not to get into
too much trouble
and maybe get an education
and a job
make some money
settle down
have a family
but life can be
alot more broader than that
if you can realize
one simple thing
and that is………
everything around us
that we call “life”
was made up
by people
who are really no smarter than you
you can find out
on your own
what it is
that you want
and go after it
as if your life
because it DOES.
but what do we say?
“ah well do it tomorrow?”
why because your guaranteed tomorrow?
you sure going to show up tomorrow?
love like
you’ve never loved before
there are
alot of opportunities
that are were here yesterday
but not today
the harder the battle
the sweeter the victory
see the struggle is
more important than the dream….
the kind of person
you become
is truly important
the character that you build
the courage and strength that you develop
its where you wake up
in the morning
and look at yourself
….your a different kind of person
you walk
with a different kind of spirit
you talk with a different kind of tone
you may not know
exactly what you want
but you do know
what you don’t want
I didn’t forget
where I came from
I just couldn’t
stay there
if you do not like
where you are
you are NOT A TREE
you are in control
of your own destiny
not your family
or your friends
or anybody
you have to dive
into what you think
is uncomfortable
and just face it
head on
what you think?
somebody is going to laugh at you?
point at you?
think differently about you?
you think you cant do it?
the single thing
that i absolutely love
about young children
is they have no fear.
why do they have no fear?
because until they feel pain they are fearless.
if you think about it
consciously and subconsciously
we are raised
not to be fearless
theres’ not much
we can do about this
as a kid
but once you acknowledge
you can change
there are alot of things
you cant control growing up
but I know one thing…
once you acknowledge
anything in your life…..
truly acknowledge it…
you have the freedom
that generations before you
fought and died for….
you can change
anything you want
about yourself
anytime you want.
it is a choice.
soi ask you…
what is the single one thing
about yourself
that you want to change RIGHT NOW?
whatever it is…
i am here to tell you
that you can make
that change
and nobody is going to stop you
but yourself
so how bad do you really want it?
are you willing to sweat for it?
bleed for it?
cry for it?
I have a huge respect
for pain
stop trying
to skip
the fucking struggle
its in those moments
you find out
what you’re truly made of
you are in control of your own destiny
you can be anything
you put your mind to
If you believe in yourself
have dedication
and pride
never quit
you will be a winner….
do what is RIGHT
not what is easy!!!!…
If we all did the things
we are capable of
we would literally astound ourselves!
If you don’t have time
to do it right
when will you have time to do it over?
what to do with a mistake?…
recognize it
admit it
LEARN from it.
dont be upset
by the results
you didnt get
with the work you didnt do……….
you become the average
of the 5 people
you spend the most time with……..
choose wisely…
surround yourself
only with people
who are going to lift you higher
people that are going
to love you
what you do
speaks so loudly
I cannot hear
what you say
It’s what you do
that defines you
excellence is chosen
the opposite of courage
in our society
is not cowardice
it’s conformity
so kris
are you going to be courageous?
are you going to live like you’ve never lived before?
are you going to love like you’ve never loved before?
or are you going to conform?
F*ck that!
I wont conform!
I will do whatever it takes
make the sacrifices
take the leaps of faith
without knowing
what lies ahead
all our dreams
are outside
our comfort zone
leaving our comfort zone
can be scary!
after a while
we become comfortable
being a little uncomfortable
then we know
we have expanded
our comfort zone
we are one step closer
to our dreams
do this
on a regular basis
and our dreams become
well and truly attainable.
I feel like
im living the best life
ive ever lived
the more I
go through life
the better my life gets
its been crazy
the last 3 years
I live whole-heatedly
stick to keeping it real
‘reality life’
its those moments
in life
that touch your heart
and make you cry
tears of joy
that makes it
all worth living
when life
give you lemons
you can either
make lemonade
or throw the lemons back
and demand a watermelon!

: – )

4-15-2015- Kris