Dr. Brené Brown: The Two Most Dangerous Words in Your Vocabulary | SuperSoul Sunday | OWN

Kris notes 4/15/18

The Original Definition of Courage: It’s from the latin word KER which means HEART. It was to share your whole story with your whole heart. An Act of courage with an act of storytelling. SO MUCH YES!!!!

“The ego” is the ‘hustler’. The ego says to me: “you have no inherent worth, you gotta hustle for it”, How fast are you going to run? how high are you going to jump?

We now live in a culture that measures our worth based on how many ‘likes’ & ‘comments’ we get.(seriously? I get it…. This is absurd. These damn phones are killin’ us)

We are a ‘scarcity culture’. Never enough. Never good enough thin enough, rich enough, safe enough, certain enough. We are afraid. We have a deep deep fear in our culture.  We somehow internalized that fear. We have a thin film of terror wrapped around us. If its not im not safe enough or secure enough, its im not liked enough, im not promoted enough, im not loved enough, SCARCITY: I DONT HAVE ENOUGH, I AM NOT ENOUGH. At the very bottom.

The number 1 casualty of a scarcity culture is: VULNERABILITY. We shut down. “Im not going to let you know that im not all together”

Vulnerability is not just about fear, grief, and disappointment, its the birthplace of EVERYTHING we are hungry for. Everything we need. Joy, creativity, love, innovation, happiness, innovation etc.

There is no innovation & creativity without FAILURE. We have to be open enough to take the RISK to FAIL