Test post all categories- Will update periodically.

Testing categories, will add content later. 🙂 for now, here Is a photo of my mother & I on Thanksgiving 2017 🙂

The main categories currently being used are: Xanga old posts, Facebook, Vulnerability, Brene Brown, TED Talks, Instagram, Deep Thoughts, Bravery, and Belonging(last 3 not so much yet).

On the HOMEPAGE at the top there are navigation menus that contain content: Life(9 items), Thoughts(9 items), Quotes, Blog, Brene Brown, and TED Talks.(I cant link these here, they are categories)

I am putting my thoughts on 1500 statements under the ‘Life’ tab. This will take a while so check back periodically. 🙂

On the right sidebar of the website, you will find RECENT POSTS & POST ARCHIVES BY DATE. 

As I get time, I will go through all 500+ current posts and edit the categories to create easier access to specific posts. Most of these are older journal entries, and more valuable Facebook posts/pictures over the years.

I also will be going down the list of each and every single category (234+) writing notes on each topic! DETERMINED!!! 🙂

Deepest Thoughts & The Woman Of My Dreams hit my heart the heaviest. Just sayin’