Life- Royce

Live Life

Come here Royce
Come over here, sit down
let me talk to you
Right here, over here
Sit on daddy’s lap
I want to tell you something

Listen, yo
Little Royce Nickel Nine
eyes wide with sight
With a future as bright as the light
Ready to take on the world
and whatever is in it
Proof read, sign, and seal whatever you finish
I can only lead you
while you’re on your quest for knowledge
I’ma teach you to have sense
and to respect the dollar
Hope for the best, and you’ll see
your world will be solid
ima teach you the truth,
even behind worldly logic
This is life, cut and dry
days is bright, nights is dark
Fights get sparked
it’s almost like to get ahead
You got to be twice as smart
the realities of life is harsh
Everybody’s dishonest, different
Which means that we’re dying by livin’
Oblivious to the time that we’re given
So you don’t prepare for the death
you live for the life
And live right like
do right by your kids and your wife
Have fun as a child, yo them years is precious
The future brings fear and stresses as the year progresses
You’re gonna turn a lot of them down
you’re gonna feel rejection
You’re gonna tell a lot of lies
and you’re gonna hear confessions
It’s a two way street
when you deal in his presence
Only your life can show that everything
is real in this message
This is life
Life is a moment in space
When the dream is gone, it’s a lonelier place

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Deepest Thoughts

real talk… 

its all about
expanding perception
raising our level of awareness
raising our level of consciousness
changing the way we live and love
love like it’s the only thing you know
at the end of the day
all this means nothing
this page
where you’re sitting
your degree
your job
your house
your car
all the money in the world
none of it matters
except love and human connection
relationships you have with people
who you love
and how deeply you love them
how you touch the lives of people around you
and how much you enriched their lives
family, friends, strangers,
quality of connection
connection is why we’re all here
it’s how we’re wired
it’s what gives purpose and meaning to our lives

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Control Your Own Destiny…


when you grow up
you tend to get told
by parents,
‘authority’ figures
that the world
is just the way that it is
and that your life
is to live your life
inside the world
try not to get into
too much trouble
and maybe get an education
and a job
make some money
settle down
have a family
but life can be
alot more broader than that
if you can realize
one simple thing
and that is………

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