Dear Mother

I don’t know
maybe I would write you
a happy ending
I would rearrange the pieces
to your sad beginning
I would put you far away
from the decaying roots
that bore you
and let you experience
all the ways that happiness
could bloom before you
or maybe I’m naive
maybe I’m just a kid
who thought that
if he could plant a seed
It would somehow grow inside you…..

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Test post all categories- Will update periodically.

Testing categories, will add content later. 🙂 for now, here Is a photo of my mother & I on Thanksgiving 2017 🙂

The main categories currently being used are: Xanga old posts, Facebook, Vulnerability, Brene Brown, TED Talks, Instagram, Deep Thoughts, Bravery, and Belonging(last 3 not so much yet).

On the HOMEPAGE at the top there are navigation menus that contain content: Life(9 items), Thoughts(9 items), Quotes, Blog, Brene Brown, and TED Talks.(I cant link these here, they are categories)

I am putting my thoughts on 1500 statements under the ‘Life’ tab. This will take a while so check back periodically. 🙂

On the right sidebar of the website, you will find RECENT POSTS & POST ARCHIVES BY DATE. 

As I get time, I will go through all 500+ current posts and edit the categories to create easier access to specific posts. Most of these are older journal entries, and more valuable Facebook posts/pictures over the years.

I also will be going down the list of each and every single category (234+) writing notes on each topic! DETERMINED!!! 🙂

Deepest Thoughts & The Woman Of My Dreams hit my heart the heaviest. Just sayin’