Turning Wounds Into Wisdom – 8/20/20 Session

8-20-20 Session – Turning Wounds into Wisdom

  • “Some of the most painful chapters of my life were because I accommodated someone I should have refused and capitulated to someone I should have corrected and dismissed. Don’t get lost in regret. Simply change your policy and move forward.” – Dr. Wayne
  • When you act in alignment with your principles, miracles happen
  • Stillness is the Key – book
    • Not in the sense of inactivity
    • You have to let your mind settle from all the forces vying for your attention
  • You want to be clear about whose priorities you’re serving

Life is hard… to find the joy you have to “settle” so you can see it

Financial Wisdom

  • Save the equivalent of a mortgage payment for 2 years, then you’ll have a  fully funded emergency fund
    • Dave Ramsey, David Bach, Kiyosaki, Michelle Singletary – teachings based on Biblical principles
  • “Million dollar day” – act in alignment with that
  • Say what you’ve heard so you can see what you said
  • Financial infidelity can have a greater impact than physical infidelity

Healing Wounds

  • Mistakes will be made, but what is your repair process?
  • Be willing to pay the pain price to build that muscle
    • “Pain price” – discomfort, failure
  • Sometimes the best thing you can do for your family members is to give them the gift of struggle
  • Some people don’t change because we’re always available
    •  “Why are people always calling me” – People call what works
  • Maybe it’s time for me to be available for reciprocity than calamity
  • “Your vibe attracts your tribe”
  • Mr. Miyagi – best defense – don’t be there
  • You won’t pay your dues with my checkbook
  • What is it I’m prepared to do to protect my future from the poison of my past?
  • Don’t let a curse you inherited exempt you from a blessing you chose
  • Eleanor Roosevelt – “Women are like teabags. If you want to see what a woman is made of, put them in hot water”
  • I’ve got more things to do with my life than be your teachable moment
  • It pays to know how to purchase knowledge. (Lin Manuel Miranda, Stevie Wonder, PTSD books)
  • If your mind is muddled by some dysfunction that you think you have to accommodate, you will miss your million dollar day
  • How about I work my own emotional math to map my way to my future as opposed to using something I inherited
    • There are people who need you to remain who you used to be
  • Feed your seeds not your weeds
  • If it takes 51 calls for you to pick up, that’s what you’re teaching the person it takes to reach you
  • “When Violence is the Answer” – book by Tim Larkin
    • Decisive violence – teaches people how to get to vulnerable areas in self-defense
    • Escape, neutralize, or finish
  • Story of David and Bathsheba – Bathsheba didn’t say no, but David misused his power
    • Joseph, on the other hand, did not misuse his position when dealing with Potiphar’s wife, and his family who had betrayed him
  • What do you do when your life is full of people who misuse their position
    • Stop accommodating their agenda with the days of your life and the money in your pocket
    • You’re enabling them
  • Do not allow yourself to be captured by the emotional plantation of family members
    • Don’t spend your life serving purposes that you did not choose
  • I reserve the right to opt out when it serves my purpose and my priorities
  • Acknowledge that your family is a toxic asset, then put them in a different portfolio
    • Most of my money, time etc goes in a portfolio that is toxic asset free
  • When COVID hit, we found out who was essential.
  • Who are the essential workers in my life and how can I pour into them?
  • When dark days come, they do not need an instruction manual or an invitation
  • Otherwise, “You have made yourself irrelevant”
  • Where attention goes, energy flows. Shift your focus
  • Buffy the Vampire slayer – only one slayer per generation. Buffy survived because she has her crew. All her crew became slayers because Willow changed the story
  • Make sure you elect the right people in your life. Make sure your vote ain’t suppressed
  • What does it take to build a dynasty? Multiple winning seasons

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