1. Doing things that scare you make you happier.
  2. The happier we are the less sleep we need.
  3. Women with male best friends have better moods.
  4. Men with female best friends have a better overall emotional intelligence
  5. Our brain becomes more creative when we are tired.
  6. You can’t multitask.
  7. Bite sized information are the best.
  8. Our mind wanders 30% of the time.
  9. Getting someone to do a favour makes them like you more.
  10. 1 (person) in 12 people has sex in their sleep.
  11. Cursing helps reduce pain.
  12. Unhappy people watch more TV.

Author: Kris

Hi my name is Kris, and I am addicted to personal development, and the word DETERMINATION! :) and BRENÉ BROWN!!! And BRIAN JOHNSON!!! Aaaaaaaand WOOOO!!!! 142.

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