Dr. Wayne Notes 7-30-2020 Session

Notes 7-30-2020
  • Continuing theme of healing & restoration (particularly relevant since I started taking an SSRI)
  • Remember the emotional triad
    • Physiology easiest to change – disciplines and habits
    • Recruiting your body in the regulation and cultivation of your mind
    • Hold onto intention that restoration is the goal
      • Mustang analogy – when the car is delivered, it needs to look same as when it left Detroit
    • Go back to original intention
    • Re-read Imago family mission statement
    • Cut away and defund everything that is not the vision by creating infrastructure to ensure that your resources are unavailable
  • There are opportunities available, even during the pandemic
  • Find something that feeds the mission, not just the appetite
    • Ie. difference between having sex vs. making love
  • At some point you go from spiritual vision to emotional engineering
  • My emotional, spiritual, and financial priorities are this man/woman sitting next to me
  • Have to have a radical shift in physiology
  • Restoration should be a radical practice vs. a tool you use sometimes
  • People need you for their own emotional regulation, so they’d rather outsource it to you than do the work themselves
  • You want to get rid of people who bring unnecessary drama and strife into your life
  • Proximity gives you access, access gives you impact
    • Who are the kind of people I’m giving access to? Who gives access to me?
    • Who is your mastermind team – “board of directors” – childhood friends, college friends, luminaries
  • Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks, so you realize their intention (those who would rather see you die than rise)
  • 50 Cent’s pain activated his creativity
  • The reason he is so successful is that he tells himself he needs to change and commits to the process of transformation
  • Keep your affirmative vision in front of you, so the rear view doesn’t take over
  • Act in alignment with your vision board
    • If it’s not on there, why are you giving it time or energy
  • Be willing to demote people
  • I’m going to replace you with someone who can do better for a lower cost
  • Opportunities have expiration dates – you want to capitalize on the opportunity of a lifetime within the lifetime of the opportunity
  • When you think you’re at you’re limit, you’re only at 40%
  • Marshall those habits so they become disciplines
  • Differentiate between opiates and ways of life
  • Repetition is the mother of skill before it’s conditioned
  • Ensure that your vision is pursued and your momentum is maintained
  • Your momentum can be shifted by shifting your focus
  • Opportunity costs – anywhere you’re spending money, there’s somewhere else it could have gone
  • Don’t do what’s emotionally satisfying, do what is strategically significant
  • When people provoke you, pivot with the practice of principles
  • Where attention goes, energy flows
  • To outgrow your history, you’ve got to feed your seeds and not your weeds
  • You’ve gotta be so committed to your outcome that you can’t be coopted by someone else’s drama
  • Vampires cannot prey upon us without our invitation (Buffy the Vampire Slayer analogy)
  • How do I participate in my own restoration/how do I practice that I may be restored?
  • What would it be like if your life was the practice of the discipline of the Sabbath?
  • What are the mentalities we need to have to rise above our circumstance?
  • You need to stop submitting to the tyranny of yesterday
  • Storm/Black Panther analogy – it took a voice she loves and trusts to break out of claustrophobia
  • What it looks like when love overcomes fear

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