NACA Dream

I was inquiring about new rental properties on Craigslist, and came across a weird guy offering 900 for a basement apartment. I declined, then as I’m walking out of shopping area (broad day) in Frederick I have no idea how but I find myself in this young lady’s basement apartment room. She’s showing me around so excited to be renting. Really appreciates her space. Her son 18 year old son sleeps in the climate controlled detached garage 100 feet away, I was blown away that a garage was climate controlled. Like REALLY wow’d. Her daughter was so cute. Started making me think of lael (iPhone corrects lael to kale fyi). Anyways, we are vibing, she’s so cool, I’m sitting on one couch, she’s on another to my left, we’re sharing rental stories when I start talking about this great housing program very passionately (naca) , how she would be a great fit!, then out of NOWHERE, somehow this whole time I notice she’s wearing a NACA T SHIRT, so she knew everything I said!!!!. I’m so confused, Now we’re both all giddy in that euphoric state of mind, I asked how the March on DC went, she said really well. I mentioned I just had a closing in DC earlier that afternoon. Now we’re both in more awe. She gets up to get a drink and says “don’t be hittin on me now, as you can see guys don’t treat me well, she winks at me(she’s a late 30s single black woman with 2 kids, 18 & 7-8~), when she returns from the kitchen with her apple drink(drink not juice- Dave Chappell’s reference), She’s unbuttoned her blouse ever so slightly, but I noticed. It’s obvious she’s trying to cougar me. *I turn away for a second* and say “ …….I can’t, I have a wife, *i slowly turn back around*, whom coincidentally I met through the prrrrrrooooooogram, that’s when she has somehow turned into YOU, Ruth rose, holding SCISSORS ✂️, and says, “I know, I am a tether”, launches at me like viciously like a white walker and I wake up frantically, heart is poundering, what in the actual fuck did I just experience. I had to write this down so now I’m awake at 6:28am, 4/19/19

Author: Kris

Hi my name is Kris, and I am addicted to personal development, and the word DETERMINATION! :) and BRENÉ BROWN!!! And BRIAN JOHNSON!!! Aaaaaaaand WOOOO!!!! 142.

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