Father & Son

Is the father broken himself and lending one of his few remaining pieces to fix his son?

Or is the father a broken, twisted father who’s hurt the child and taken his heart away?

Or maybe the father is stealing from his son, to try and save himself?

How about it could be that the father made the man his son is and is just completing him?

Or the son giving his heart to his father to help his aging father?

Or….. maybe it’s about all the sacrifices the father made in his life to build his son up to give his son the opportunity he never had. Hmmm…. a father passing down the final piece of knowledge to his son as he becomes a man so that the son is prepared for the world & life. All the other pieces started being passed to the son from when he was a baby right through to when the son becomes a man. The knowledge is the father’s life experiences & things he’s learned.

What do you think it could be?

Perspective. Our own experiences shape us & how we see the world around us.

Only a healed person can heal others.

When I started down the path to heal myself I recognized ALL the broken around me. I had to be careful. I could only give if I had enough myself.

I know you may be tired….I know you may be physically & emotionally exhausted….


Shift. The. Paradigm. 👌🏻

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Author: Kris

Hi my name is Kris, and I am addicted to personal development, and the word DETERMINATION! :) and BRENÉ BROWN!!! And BRIAN JOHNSON!!! Aaaaaaaand WOOOO!!!! 142.

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