Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know.

We all have things we don’t want to remember, but the thing is, sometimes your mind doesn’t let you forget, if you have something to learn from it.

That doesn’t mean that you need to constantly think about your negative experiences. There’s a fine line between just repeating something negative over and over in your head, and productively processing a negative experience. When thinking about a negative past, ask yourself:

“Do I have healing as my goal?”

If you keep thinking about your negative experience from a goalless perspective, (playing victim, blaming others & reflecting your negative past on your future) you will only end up making that negative experience a part of yourself.

Let your negative experience serve a positive purpose: In the end, we have every reason to let go of the bad feelings, and let only the wisdom remain.

Take it on your own pace. In some time, when you can look at the past without any negative feelings about it, you will see it clearly, and know it doesn’t define you.

Author: Kris

Hi my name is Kris, and I am addicted to personal development, and the word DETERMINATION! :) and BRENÉ BROWN!!! And BRIAN JOHNSON!!! Aaaaaaaand WOOOO!!!! 142.

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