Grit & Grime Poem

Grit and Grime 2012


Fire in my veins, fueling these inner desires;

The desire to conquer,

to instill fear,

to make them believe,

that I matter enough to be here.

Looked over time and time again;

so sick of the negativity,

now I want them to understand,

I’ll never be held in captivity.

I’ll do exactly what I want,

without fear of unacceptability,

Don’t get it my way,

Or i’ll test your sensitivity.

Mistaking my drive,

for callousness or disrespect;

It’s not how I operate,

Unless you try to insult my intellect.

Fiery to the core,

I’ll never be taken under,


dictating my every move,

Cross me and it’ll be your last blunder.

Strong words, my aim has always been direct;

I’ll reach my goals with or without your respect.

Aug 12th 2012